Wayoe Engineering & Construction Ltd



WEC’s highly skilled technicians use the most advanced equipment and processes to blast material surfaces, effectively removing any mill scale, trace rust or other potential contaminants.

This process prepares equipment materials with the ideal surface profile for the outstanding adhesion of exterior coatings and ensures optimal bonding and lasting performance.

Using a variety of abrasive blast mediums including steel grit, glass bead, copper slag, and garnet, we are able to handle a range of size and shaped industrial steel structures and so we can meet your abrasive blasting needs quickly and efficiently.

We can also offer a range of mobile blast units which allow us to carry out field operations anywhere. We use the finest quality raw materials to ensure that you get the finish and the durability in the field that you expect. Only top quality materials are used.


WEC’s experienced coatings technicians have the training and knowledge to work with virtually all industrial coatings including zincs, epoxies, and urethanes.

Our coatings help prevent corrosion caused by environmental exposure, fumes, humidity, and immersion, and can be customized to meet your specific site characteristics and product storage requirements. Coating characteristics that offer high temperature and chemical resistance, waterproofing and UV resistance, as well as other features, can be specified to suit your needs.

Our coating equipment consists of the latest technologies available and affords excellent quality and productivity. And with our state-of-the-art coatings facility, which includes two 525 linear feet parallel blast and paint runs, WEC has the ability to blast and paint tubular structures of 16″ diameter with lengths up to 200″.


Oil & Gas, Mining, Infrastructure & Petrochemical Services

  • On-site blasting & coating facilities for fast turn-around, lower cost
  • Steel grit abrasive blasting & cleaning
  • Horizontal and vertical shot blasting capabilities
  • NACE/SSPC surface preparation standards
  • Protective interior linings
  • Protective exterior coatings & painting
  • Zinc, epoxies, urethanes, enamel, vinyl ester
  • NACE certified coating inspectors


  • Cost-Effectiveness, Speed and Efficiency
  • Meet all your abrasive blasting and industrial coating needs
  • Methodologies are applied based on Standards
  • Quality
  • Visual check of surface cleanliness before coating
  • DFT gauge testing to measure depth and thickness of paint against specifications
  • Post-application visual inspection and stripe coating if needed
  • Cooperation with independent inspection providers as required
  • Risk Reduction and Reputation
  • Safe waste containment and recycling for environmental and public protection
  • Strong focus on staff and visitor safety in line with HSE requirements


We are the best at what we do