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WEC’s Electrical & Instrumentation (EC&I) is a full-service electrical contractor specializing in industrial electrical, instrumentation, power, and control systems. WEC’s EC&I is a new service added and have successfully installed systems in the Mining sector. We have a workforce with a highly skilled team of technicians, installers, and programmers with ISA Certified Automation Professionals (CAP) and Certified Control Systems Technicians (CCST), WEC can construct your entire electrical, communications, control systems, instrumentation, program the PLC/DCS, and optimize the systems to improve overall plant reliability. We perform new construction, retrofits, maintenance, and hot cutovers. Our expertise also includes shutdowns, turnarounds, comprehensive startup & commissioning services with a complete documentation package.

At WEC we work with our customers to custom tailor our services to meet their needs. We get to know the client company, its people, and its specifications. We adapt our systems to fit the clients’ needs and optimize results. We provide timely, versatile, and guaranteed services that meet or exceed customer expectations. We leverage our knowledge and experience to offer problem-solving solutions in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner.

Our Instrumentation Engineers provide a comprehensive service for all of your industrial measurement and actuation requirements. We specialise in the specification and commissioning of your process instrumentation systems for analytical measurement of pressure, temperature, level, flow, pH, REDOX, conductivity, turbidity, molarity, and acceleration to name but a few. Our recommendations are made through a combination of detailed knowledge and high levels of field experience. We can also provide support packages tailored to the testing, calibration and ongoing maintenance of your instrumentation investment.

From basic to detailed engineering, from new construction to renovation and maintenance optimization

Design and specification of the complete electrical package for automation projects including:-

  • Power circuit design, installation, and testing
  • Design and installation of instrumentation and field bus cable systems
  • Supply and installation of cable containment and support systems
  • Design, installation, and commissioning of all types of industrial control panels from small junction boxes to large form 4 motor control centers (MCCs)



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