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In the last twenty years, WEC has successfully delivered hundreds of refurbishment, repairs projects for our clients. We understand the challenges of delivering the project whilst maintaining the project.

We have a dedicated Special Projects team who are set-up specifically to deliver refurbishment and major repair projects for our clients. They are all experienced professionals with a track record of delivering a quality finish, safe working environments and meeting demanding client requirements.  Whether it is in our fabrication ard or on-site at your facility, our refurbishment services are designed to help you return aging unit back to an “as new” state. With a WEC repair or refurbishment, production efficiency is increased, machine reliability is improved and the life of your equipment can be extended.

We can offer an immediate evaluation upon receiving the failed unit at our fabrication yard and advise an appropriate timescale for the repair. If a joint is damaged beyond repair then we will work with your engineers to offer you a suitable replacement design within the tightest possible timescale. We have over twenty years of experience in the repair and refurbishment of expansion joints for Oil & Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, and Infrastructure industry.


WEC provides a comprehensive maintenance service portfolio across our industrial sectors. Our services can be provided on a standalone basis or as integrated solutions. Maintenance is an essential part of all phases of the asset life cycle. We analyze each Client’s maintenance approach at a strategic level to optimize the maintenance program for the type of production.

On-site: making use of multi-skilled craft personnel, WEC performs world-class maintenance, helping minimize risks and lower overall maintenance costs without compromising on safety.

Off-site: WEC has its own workshop to cost-efficiently plan and executes maintenance-related work for surrounding Clients.


WEC offers Clients electrical and instrumentation (E&I) solutions for onshore and offshore and mining projects, covering the complete life cycle from design to execution, service, and maintenance.

Customized maintenance and inspection programs reduce operational costs, maximize uptime and optimize efficiency. 

Our E&I teams provide a range of support functions including drawing modifications, work pack production and material procurement. Electrical services can be combined with other services to provide an integrated solution to meet specific project requirements.

E&I integrity services, including

  • Electrical compliance optimization (ECO)
  • Electrical services
  • Instrumentation and control services

WEC offers mechanical and piping services to achieve high levels of asset integrity and reliability. Our teams work closely with Clients to provide efficient, reliable and total life-cycle support of crucial flow and manufacturing equipment. With the right integrated solutions, we deliver economies of scale and innovative approaches that minimize process interruptions and downtime.

Mechanical and piping services include:

  • Composite repair
  • Heat treatment equipment
  • Heat treatment services
  • Piping services
  • Pump services
  • Machining and bolting services (including subsea)
  • Mechanical construction
  • Mechanical maintenance
  • Valve services

Maintaining the fabric and infrastructure of a production asset is central to extending its operating life. WEC provides integrated solutions to meet Clients’ fabric maintenance and asset integrity needs, with a focus on safety, quality, and cost-effective service delivery. Multi-disciplined rope access teams are trained in a range of services, including painting, blasting, and inspection. These teams maximize project efficiency while reducing logistical pressures on transport and bed space.

Fabric maintenance service offerings include:

  • Coatings and surface preparation
  • Insulation
  • Passive fire protection
  • Special access systems
  • Construction support
  • Staffing

WEC offers inspection and integrity services to reduce failures, increase asset life and maintain the hydrocarbon envelope of installations.

Our integrated approach, Assess, Inspect and Repair, manages asset risk and integrity throughout the life cycle, from original plant design to decommissioning.

WEC plans and executes a wide range of asset integrity activities, leveraging our knowledge in risk-based assessments. From topside to subsea, we implement best practices developed from extensive experience in the onshore and offshore sectors and also Mining.

Our comprehensive inspection and integrity solutions include:

  • Inspection solutions
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Integrity engineering management
  • Quality services


Cost effectiveness, Improved reliability, Improved equipment efficiency

Our committed service teams are well equipped with experience, thorough knowledge of specifications and the correct tools. This ensures that you get the highest quality repairs and refurbishments safeguarding your devices and maximizing the lifetime of equipment and components.

Refurbishment and rebuilds can be complex and time-consuming projects, where even a small mistake can lead to significant delays in returning a plant to full production. WEC will make your life simpler and reduce project risks. With our comprehensive service offerings, Metso can take care of all aspects of the refurbishment and rebuild process from project management to planning and execution, including parts supply and skilled labor for the on-site teams.

Long equipment life, good performance, and safe operation depend on an extensive understanding of equipment and maintenance procedures. Our on-site crews have expert experience, follow the manufacturer’s defined maintenance and repair procedures, and have access to equipment specialists around the world. With this in mind, you can be confident that diagnostic work, mechanical repair work, adjustments and the installation of components have been done correctly and efficiently.


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