Wayoe Engineering and Construction Limited

Maintenance & Shutdowns

Our team provides top-notch maintenance and shutdown services

At WEC, we offer a wide range of construction maintenance services to clients across various sectors. Our services can be customized to meet specific production needs and are available as standalone options or integrated solutions.



Why choose WEC?

Our Experience

At WEC, we have the ability and knowledge to offer all the essential services for managing maintenance and shutdowns projects in-house, which eliminates the need for multiple consultants. Our teams are fully integrated and provide a range of services and support, including procurement, construction, in-shop detailing, project controls, safety, and quality.

Client Benefits

Our maintenance service teams are highly dedicated and experienced, possessing a comprehensive understanding of specifications. This ensures that you receive unparalleled repair and refurbishment services. With WEC’s extensive maintenance experience and processes, potential risks during shutdowns are minimized.

Optimising your maintenance project

Managing maintenance and shutdowns can be complicated and time-consuming, and even the slightest error can cause significant delays in getting a plant back to full production. At WEC, we’re committed to providing our clients with top-notch equipment life, plant performance, and safe operation. Our experienced maintenance and shutdown staff work efficiently and cost-effectively to ensure that all work is completed to the highest standards possible.

WEC in Action