Wayoe Engineering and Construction Limited

Storage Tanks Fabrication

WEC has the capability to efficiently roll plates with a thickness of up to 90mm.

Pressure Vessels (Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Industrial)

At WEC, we specialise in the detailed design, supply, and fabrication of pressure vessels that meet ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1 requirement. Our expertise also extends to shop and site repairs of pressure vessels in accordance with R-Stamp requirements and National Board regulations.

We are capable of rolling 90-mm steel plates with a width of 3 metres, rolling square profiles and concentric and eccentric cones, and producing various pressure vessels such as reaction columns, pressure drums, gas storage bullets, and dual-media water filter vessels. ,Our workshop facility can handle maximum specifications of up to 5 metres in diameter and lengths of up to 65 metres.

Shop Fabricated Tanks & Prefabrication of Site Tanks

We manufacture and supply atmospheric storage tanks in accordance with UL-142 and API 653. We offer in-house pre-fabrication of site-fabricated storage tanks in accordance with API 650 and API 620. We also offer on-site construction capabilities for tanks using conventional or jacking methods. Our workshop capability can design and construct complete tank farm solutions to meet project specifications.

Unique Value Proposition

Heat Exchangers

WEC is capable of designing, fabricating and supplying Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers in accordance with TEMA, ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1 (UHX) specifications. This extends to fabricating fixed tube sheets and floating tube sheet exchangers. Including:

Power Boilers

We provide comprehensive services for power boilers, including detailed design, supply, fabrication, installation, repair, and alteration on-site in accordance with ASME Sec. I standards, meeting “A” & “S” Stamp requirements.