Wayoe Engineering and Construction Limited

Structural Steel Fabrication

WEC has a CNC Structural Steel Fabrication workshop with Tekla Detailing capabilities, producing up to 600 tonnes per month.

Structural Steel (Pipe racks, Process Plants, Workshop & Storage sheds)

At WEC, we operate a specialised CNC facility that creates bespoke structural steel solutions. Our services extend beyond that, as we offer in-house 3D modelling. In addition, we have access to steel mills and stockyards for bulk orders of various structural sections, including HEA, UB, UC, and H-Sections. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet MOC needs for S355, S275, and A36, and we are more than capable of providing fabrication services for flare stack structures.

Bridge Girders & Heavy Steel

We have the capability to produce heavy platted beams that stand up to 3m tall, 450mm wide, and have a web thickness of 60mm. Our in-house H-beam welding facility is fully equipped to fabricate T, H, I, L, and C beams with tapered and cambered profiles to fulfil any specialised requirements for heavy fabrications.

Pre-Engineered Buildings

Our team of experts is dedicated to transforming your concepts into reality through pre-engineered building solutions that accelerate the construction process without compromising on quality, durability, strength, or resilience. Our buildings meet, and often exceed, industry standards, providing long-term value for your investment.

Architectural Steel Building Structure

WEC provides complete solutions for the design and fabrication of structural steel buildings, combined with:

Unique Value Proposition

Profile Bending

We use specialised CNC Hydraulic Section Bending machines to cold roll and bend structural steel into various shapes such as ovals, semicircles, and squares with dimensions ranging from 0.5m to 30m in radius. Our maximum height capacity for all structural profiles is 350mm.

Chutes & Ducts

Our workshop can design, supply, and fabricate ducts and chutes in accordance with client requirements for bulk solid handling systems. This includes forming and fabrication of transition pieces for ducts and chutes.

The facility can handle a maximum size of up to 5m diameter/square for chutes and ducts. With the metallurgy of materials such as: