Wayoe Engineering and Construction Limited


Unlimited fabrication options are available to our clients, with the capability to process over 12,000 metric tonnes of steel per year.

We can meet even the most demanding plans with a combined monthly capability of more than 600 metric tonnes. Our facility utilises dedicated, well-trained, and highly talented fabricators, as well as CNC equipment that is fully connected with design office software. STRUMIS is used to track our workflow operations from the first inquiry through dispatch and erection.

Furthermore, our shot blasting capabilities not only produce clean surfaces but also improve paint adherence. This lowers maintenance expenses by extending the life of the coating. Whatever our clients’ needs are, we can provide them with suitable steel paints and product finishes.


3 Multipurpose Halls

Our site is host to three specialised bays, equipped to meet all client requirements. These include:


We produce over 600 tonnes of material per month for the design, fabrication, and supply of various steel structures.


Our workshop spans 6500 sqm.


Our material laydown spans 16500 sqm.

Auxiliary Facilities